Image or experience

The artwork raises the question of whether the observation of the way the doer is absorbed by performing actions that express certain bodily experience, produces a more intense feeling than watching the body reduced to an image.
In this series of photographs four women are represented at the same time as both subject and object. Their empathy in action, almost meditative rapture, creates fetishistic experience, while they are deliberately visually placed so it is expected for them to be perceived as fetishized bodies.
Bondage clothing and partial depigmentation of skin (vitiligo) which is simulated by makeup, express a new form of unconventional beauty. This perception of the body on one hand expresses something that has been suppressed in the past and expands field of socially desirable body, while on the other becomes a conformist instrument by which the body converts to object of observation in fashion photography to be used for commercial purposes.
Image of body has become acceptable because of its exploitation for commercial purposes and that has abolished the stigma of fetishization of bodies, while the public expression of the experience of doing certain actions is still socially unacceptable. Therefore, it is interesting whether the observer would be more attracted to doer’s commitment to the action itself or the very image of the body as fetishized object.

Models: Tamara Tričković, Milica Mrvić, Mila Jovanović, Sanja Polovina
Make up and hair: Tijana Draguljević
Costume design: Olja Marković
Art direction: Mina Šarenac and Olja Marković