Sugar Creatures

This is an ongoing project on which I am working with Olja Markovic. We are focusing on the personal experience of the models, exploring the body movement and emotion. The process of making these photographs is more like a contemporary dance performance. Every photo shoot is different and authentic. Models are covered with glucose syrup


“Embryonica” series consists of seven photographs of different women in bathtubs and details of those compositions. All photographs

Pastel Elastic

Through editorial Pastel Elastic we attempted to convey to the viewer the experience of play piercing and display

Forest Venus

Venus: Bojana Nikolić Zeka Directors: Mina Šarenac i Olja Marković Film Editing: Irena Fabri Camera: Mina Šarenac Costume Design:Olja Marković Music: Iva D. Pavlović / EOBD Special thanks to Duško Ruljević Belgrade, Serbia 2015

Opium Garden

The series of photographs depicts a utopian relationship in which two persons are directed only to one another


The artwork raises the question of whether the observation of the way the doer is absorbed by performing actions that express certain bodily experience, produces a more intense feeling than watching the body reduced to an image.