Pastel Elastic

Through editorial Pastel Elastic we attempted to convey to the viewer the experience of play piercing and display

Pamela Coromoto / Observatorium

Jewelry brand Pamela Coromoto was founded in 2010 by architects Marianne Villalobos Emonet and Margherita Filpi, specialized in the field of parametric design. They joined forces to tailor their creative skills to a miniature scale, merging the boundaries between fashion, architecture, art and jewelry.

Fucking Lion

Jewelry Designer: Ana Anđelić / F LION Model: Nevena Vuković Make up: Milica Milovančević Styling: Olja Marković Photography:

WOOL 0.2

Saša’s second collection of handmade wool garments. The continuation of the story that Saša started two years ago

Koishi Lamat

Look Book 2015 Bags and accessories: Koishi Lamat Model: Tijana Živanović Art direction: Mina Šarenac, Olja Marković and Koishi Lamat Photography: Mina Šarenac

Presek Studio

Presek is a design studio based in Belgrade, focused on creating industrial, interior, furniture, packaging and graphic design. Designers: Miroslava Djordjević / Ksenija Josifović Art direction: Mina Šarenac and Olja Marković  

Forest Venus

Venus: Bojana Nikolić Zeka Directors: Mina Šarenac i Olja Marković Film Editing: Irena Fabri Camera: Mina Šarenac Costume Design:Olja Marković Music: Iva D. Pavlović / EOBD Special thanks to Duško Ruljević Belgrade, Serbia 2015


Hand made wall mirror / limited edition / black & white / thin-walled steel powder coated Designers: Miroslava Đorđević / Ksenija Josifović – Presek studio Photographer: Mina Šarenac Art direction: Mina Šarenac / Olja Marković / Presek studio

Masters collection “Good Vibrations”

The Energy of Crystals and Chakras in Fashion Designer: Ana Mickovic Tailor: Slavisa Vitorovic Model: Marijana Stracenski Make